• Ken Lotus Bambace

Companies & Employees Profiting from Mindfulness

"In short, happiness and productivity are not only related, they’re practically indistinguishable. According to the iOpener Institute, in a company with 1,000 employees, increasing happiness in the workplace:

  • Reduces the cost of employee turnover by 46 percent.

  • Reduces the cost of sick leave by 19 percent.

  • Increases performance and productivity by 12 percent.

And the happiest employees, compared with their less happy colleagues, spend 40 percent more time focused on tasks and feel energized 65 percent more of the time.

Happier employees also take six fewer sick days a year, and remain in their jobs twice as long." (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/arianna-huffington/corporate-wellness_b_2903222.html)

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